Breaking Breastfeeding Barriers presents Black Breastfeeding Week UK 2021 Fundraiser Event. 

This year we celebrated Black Breastfeeding Week by hosting the 4th public event in the UK. 

This was a fun, interactive, educational and informative event.

Everyone is welcome! 

 There will be:

  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Question and answers
  • Awards
  • Discussions
  • Fundraiser
  • Giveaways
  • CPD’s

CPD certificate available (details in ticket description)

Event Recordings now Available.

Learn more and/or get your tickets here to watch event and join the BBB community app. Ticket sales ends 30th September 2021.

Are you pregnant?……You are invited to join our antenatal virtual breastfeeding cafe every 2nd Wednesday of the month. 

There will be a focused 20 mins talk on a specific infant feeding subjects, and the rest of the session will be interactive to ensure you have your questions answered. 

Learn more and/or book your space here. 

Carmelle and Ruth are inviting you to join our virtual breastfeeding cafe.

In light of the current situation, and uncertain times we want to ensue you can still receive support on your breastfeeding journey. We have created a safe space for you to join us, where you are free to discuss any queries or concerns around feeding.

No question is too big or too small, we can advise you from our own knowledge and experience and aim to reassure you and support you in maintaining your breastfeeding relationship.

Book for Monday

Book for Friday

Feel free to join our Facebook group titled: The Virtual Breastfeeding Cafe with Carmelle Gentle and Ruth Dennison, for continuous support.

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