Rosie Carter

Locations: Bedford, Luton, North Herts, Milton Keynes.

Face to Face 1-2-1 Support: Yes
Virtual 1-2-1 Support: Yes
About: I am a mother of two, traditional birthkeeper (holistic not clinical) and a trained breastfeeding peer supporter. I provide in-person and virtual breastfeeding peer support via Zoom/WhatsApp.
I have experience supporting families with newborns on the postnatal ward of my local hospital (Luton & Dunstable).During the pandemic, with hospital visiting restrictions in place, I’ve been supporting in-group on Breaking Breastfeeding Barrier’s virtual drop too.
My strengths are holding space, providing emotional support, a listening ear and positioning and attachment techniques. Think mentoring/ peer to peer support rather than a breastfeeding expert with all the answers.
I work to center you and your baby and listen to you. So often it’s the space to unpack our experiences and the space to figure out what’s right for us that is missing amid the wealth of (sometimes conflicting) breastfeeding guidance ‘out there’. Everyone’s journey is different.
As a mother of two my personal experience of breastfeeding covers 18 months breastfeeding, low supply, hospital readmission for weight loss (day 5), blocked ducts, postnatal anxiety, ineffective latches, countless sleepless nights  but most importantly being a recipient of incredible life-changing breastfeeding support.
If I’m not for you it’s all good and I wish you every blessings on your journey. That you’re here is brilliant. Find the support that’s right for you! (and skin to skin – it’s magic!)
You can learn more about Rosie here.

Vanisha Virgo

Locations: North London and surrounding areas
Face to Face 1-2-1 Support: Currently not available
Virtual 1-2-1 Support: Yes
About: I’m Vanisha and I am a trained breastfeeding peer supporter, have been supporting families primarily in North London and surrounding areas for about 3yrs now, I’m also a Doula and have supported families in their feeding journeys for the last few years.
You can learn more about Vanisha here.

Carmelle Gentle

Locations: South London and surrounding areas
Face to Face 1-2-1 Support: Yes
Virtual 1-2-1 Support: Yes
About:  I am an independent midwife and Tongue-tie practitioner. I have almost 14 years experience supporting families within the NHS and privately in their homes. I support families with antenatal and postnatal care but primarily I support families with breastfeeding and dividing tongue-tie where it is needed. Receiving support immediately after birth and in the initial postnatal period, can help to reduce and/or eliminate many of the breastfeeding problems commonly faced by new mothers. Breastfeeding should be a pleasant experience, and I can fully support you in achieving this.  
You can learn more about Carmelle here.

Ruth Dennison

Locations: East London and surrounding areas
Face to Face 1-2-1 Support: Currently not available
Virtual 1-2-1 Support: Yes
About:  I have a passion in supporting families with achieving their infant feeding goals.
I have experience in supporting families with breastfeeding since 2007 till present within the NHS and privately in the comfort of their homes.  I am trained and experienced in tongue-tie assessments.
I advocate for positive breastfeeding experiences and believe that for mothers to breastfeeding their babies with confidence, first we need to make sure the mother is well, informed, supported and ready.
I like to take a holistic approach when supporting mothers/families with breastfeeding, because there is so much more to breastfeeding than putting baby on the breast.
You can learn more about Ruth here.

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