About Us

Breaking Breastfeeding Barriers is the first non-profit Black African & Caribbean breastfeeding organisation in the UK

Our Mission:

To target & provide the Black, African and Caribbean community and those who identify with this ethnic group with the support to alleviate the high infant mortality rates in their community

BBBUK was launched to help fund:

  • Free antenatal breastfeeding education for parents
  • Subsidised postnatal breastfeeding support for parents
  • Subsidised training for those who would like to support mothers with breastfeeding using accurate evidence-based information
  • Organise & support breastfeeding groups, workshops and events

Our Mission

  • To raise the numbers of UK Black African and Caribbean mothers exclusively breastfeeding their babies beyond 6 weeks
  • To make antenatal breastfeeding education and postnatal support more accessible
  • To raise the extremely low numbers of Black breastfeeding peer supporters, specialists, counsellors and Lactation Consultants over here in the UK.

Our Vision

  • All mothers regardless of their ethnicity have the same education and support in breastfeeding their babies beyond 6 weeks
  • Breastfeeding education and postnatal breastfeeding support become part of general antenatal health care
  • Black breastfeeding peer supporters, specialists, counsellors and lactation consultants equate to the UK Black African and Caribbean population in the UK.

Our Story

BBBUK was launched August 2019 by Ruth Dennison.
Our aim is to help more mothers to have the support and confidence to exclusively breastfeed their babies up to 6 months, and up to 2 years and beyond alongside solid foods, as evidence shows this can help to significantly reduce the high numbers of infant mortality rates which is highest in the Black, African and Caribbean UK Community.

Breastfeeding is the foundation of a healthier community, to a healthier world.

How We Got Started

Founder Ruth Dennison explains: “I have been working in maternity supporting mothers with breastfeeding since 2007 in the NHS and privately, in all these years she has witnessed the lower numbers of Black mothers exclusively breastfeeding their babies beyond 6 weeks, the lack of antenatal breastfeeding education, the lack of breastfeeding support in their postnatal period, the extremely low numbers of Black breastfeeding practitioners over here in the UK.”

There are many barriers that contribute to the current factors and Ruth is determined to break these barriers and uplift education.

Not only can breastfeeding lower the infant mortality rate, but it can also help reduce the maternal mortality rate which is highest in the black community.

Ruths first step was raising the attention to Black Breastfeeding Week over here in the UK, her next step is to help break these barriers for the Black community.

Where We Are Now

Since April 2020, Ruth and Carmelle Gentle have been hosting online breastfeeding support:
  • The Virtual Breastfeeding Cafe with Carmelle Gentle and Ruth Dennison – for expectant and new parents.
Monday and Friday sessions are for all mothers from different Culture backgrounds, hosted by Black, African and Caribbean practitioners.  We have noticed that this has helped to attract families from different cultural backgrounds and a higher percentage of black mothers than any other breastfeeding support groups or services.
Carmelle Gentle is an Independent Midwife, Infant feeding Specialist and Tongue-tie Practitioner, she has been amazing support towards this intervention and shares a passion for supporting mothers with breastfeeding. Ruth and Carmelle work very well together, in May 2020 they confirmed to join Leadership for Breaking Breastfeeding Barriers.

Ruth and Carmelle hosted their first fundraiser event together for Black Breastfeeding Week 2020 on 29th August 2020, and are now continuing to build up the resources and services to help their mission to break breastfeeding barriers.


We have a referral process in place for organisations who would like to refer Black, African or Caribbean families for breastfeeding support.  we also accept self-referrals. Contact us for more information.

Training available:

If you have a passion to support mothers with breastfeeding and identify with Black, African and the  Caribbean community, contact us to learn how to start your journey.

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